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Aimee Chung image standinghello speech bubbleI'm Aimee, and I've been passionate about design since a very young age. I took those skills and applied them to many areas that I got into - web design, print design, logo design, craft design, interior design and just about any thing that I can get my hands on and create with. I love working with colours, typography and imagery, and putting them together in just the "right" way.

I've had the opportunity to work in print as well as web. For the former, I've designed print advertisement, print brochures, marketing materials, book covers, business cards, and even have done conceptual interior design for a small restaurant branch. It has been quite a creative journey, and I'm always happy to bring my experiences to each new job opportunity I get.

I've also embraced my technical side, in the area of coding (XHTML/HTML5) and the CSS styling that goes with it. I know what is involved in the entire life cycle of planning, developing and delivering a website from start to end, and I know how important it is to included all that good SEO stuff that helps sites move up search rankings and bring smiles to clients faces. I'm also getting into Mobile website design more, and can help businesses understand how to build the right type of mobile site, using the "best practices" that are relevant to them.

Guess what? I'm also a people-friendly person, who's dealt with many different types of individuals over 10 years of teaching and have learnt to respect people for their unique personalities, different ways of communications, and great ideas they can bring to the table. I look forward to bringing my experiences and skills to the work I do and to take on new challenges that enable me to learn and become a better designer!

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