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Aimee Chung pic Aimee Chung is a graphic designer, web developer and multimedia instructor. She recently taught part-time at BCIT and UBC Robson Square as instructor teaching adult learners web and graphic design in various certificate programs.

She has also expanded her expertise into areas involving mobile design and has taught courses on building mobile sites and the best practices involved in that new industry. Her understanding of developing trends as well as her passion for teaching, have allowed her to share her skills with others. With many new developments in web design, mobile design, and social media, she has been researching the latest web development trends to stay up-to-date in her skills.

She also has a strong creative and artistic side, as well as a strong technical background in hand-coding websites in HTML/CSS.

Aimee is currently looking for an exciting Vancouver company to work with where she can continue her career as a graphic/web designer. She's also available for freelance projects, project consulting and speaking at meetups in the area of web design/mobile development.


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