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Aimee started designing web graphics in 1996 using Photoshop 4 and got her first glimpse of how HTML was coded. Since then, her skills have grown with different projects and clients she's gotten to work with.

apple iphone4Since 2002, she has taught HTML courses extensively, along with other web design and graphic design courses at Vancouver's top continuing education schools, such as UBC, BCIT, Langara and VCC. She is confident about hand-coding in XHTML/CSS and HTML5.

In addition, she is also well versed in using Adobe Dreamweaver as a web editor to design websites with. She's stayed current with these and other design applications because her teaching requires her to stay current with latest application versions. Aimee is also feels very competent in using Photoshop and Illustrator to design supporting web graphics.

On LinkedIn, she has been greatly endorsed in her skills of these main programs from individuals she's worked and taught. With the staggering growth of mobile websites, she's become very interested in expanding her existing web development skills into this new domain of mobile web web ecosystem.


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The planning process of building a website always starts with discussing the needs of the clients and their audience for a website. From there, once the scope of the site has been determined, then we can begin designing what the the UI of the website will look like. Balsamiq has been a great tool that I use to create these quick and fairly accurate wireframes. Here are some examples of wireframes I've built.

MINI Mobile Website (BCIT Educational Use Only)

Mobile websites in particular, are more challenging due to the space restrictions. At BCIT Mobile Design Course, we used a set size of 320 x 480 to design within. Having a wireframe helped to figure out how much space could be allowed for different elements in the UI.

MINI Wireframe Mockup

Harry Gunawan Wireframe Mockups

This realtor found the wireframes to be a useful stage in the development of his site. He could then tell me how in the layout he wanted his most information to be. This was then proceeded with a visual mock-up of the header banner. Harry Gunawan Website Wireframe Harry Gunawan Website Wireframe Mockup 2

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